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a bike route in center township
  • Parks and activities
    The Township contains two entities that are controlled by the Columbiana County Parks District. Scenic Vista Park and the southern Portion of the Greenway Bike trail. Hours of operation, maps, and location can be located at the website below. The Village of Lisbon also operates three recreational areas within Center Township - Sadie Van Fossen Swimming Pool, Willow Grove Park, and Marjorie Hartman Foundation Dog Village. Hours of operation, maps, and locations can be located at the website below.
  • School Systems and Youth Resources
    Lisbon Exempted Village Schools Columbiana County Career and Technical Center
  • Libraries
    Lepper Library
  • Laws, Safety and Report Local Issues
    State and County Road/Highway Concerns (Columbiana County Engineer) District 11 - New Philadelphia Law Enforcement - State Highway Patrol Call - (330) 424-7783 Columbiana County Sheriff Call - (330) 424-1104 Lisbon Police Department Call - (330) 424-7810
  • Links to County Resources
    Columbiana County Health District Septic, Well, Public Health Nuisances, Birth and Death Certificates Call - (330) 424-0272


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